Nothing can top a few ours under the clear sky in our silent forests. Get the woods under a loupe and visit our shy green neighbours.

Imagine the joy of people who play with their pets… now compare that with discovering life in a seemingly deserted forest. Wild animals are cautious and do not like to get in contact with others. That is why you feel yourself all alone, but if you look really closely and let us guide you in a slightly different way there is a great chance to add a special note to your daily exercise. 

Certain weather gives you a better chance to sight certain game. Here are some recommendations:
* Deer – all year round
* Red Deer – October – February
* Brown Bear – March – December
* Capercaillie – March

Clothing and footgear: Depending on the time of the year outside temperature varies between -170C and +300C. Always wear several layers of moister resistant clothing preferably of dark colours and and boots to be able to move around easily and noiselessly in the forest. As wild animals have a very sensitive smell please avoid the usage of perfume or after shave.

* Length of trip: 3-6 hours
* Minimum size of group: 2 pers.
* Maximum size of group: 8 pers.
* Accommodation: Programs can be complemented with amazing accommodation and phenomenal traditional food at the Dobrica Hunting Lodge or The Zabola Estate.

Prices and availability:
Bear watching: 40 EUR/ pers. including a donation to the Roy-Chowdhury Foundation for the upkeep of Conservation Transylvania. Prices include guiding, picnic basket, on-field transportation with 4X4 vehicle and technical backup if necessary.

Please make a reservation to ensure your place at the safari.  

Please note, that choosing this program, you will take your share preserving the forest habitat of autochthon forest species.