First there was a hide, then another one… Might you be a professional photographer or a young-eyed amateur we’ll show you the best angle and the furry teddies are just worth the time.

The Carpathians in Romania give home to over 50 percent of Europe’s bear population. Over the centuries, Transylvanian people lived with the bear in a certain balance and the King of the Carpathian’s was part of their every day. Today, the bear is still very much there, he uses The Wild Carpathians as his habitat to which we created an access point where we can be part of moments of its life.

Bear Watching implies something beautiful in itself. Before sunset, you will be driven by our passionate and experienced game keepers Levente & Levente from the Zabola Estate, into our Carpathian forest. The road trip is fun by itself as it guides you though various type of woods, home to many wild animals.

One hour might pass until the first bear arrives, meanwhile you might spot other ’visitors’ as well.

Never forget, wild animals in their natural habitat are very shy, so please be careful manoeuvring outside and inside the hide.

* Clothing and footgear: Depending on the time of the year outside temperature varies between -170C and +300C. Always wear several layers of moister resistant clothing preferably of dark colours and sporty shoes to be able to move around easily and noiselessly in the forest. As wild animals have a very sensitive smell please avoid the usage of perfume or after shave.
* Length of trip: 3 hours
* Minimum size of group: 2 pers.
* Maximum size of group: 8 pers.
* Accommodation: Programs can be complemented with amazing accommodation and phenomenal traditional food at the Dobrica Hunting Lodge or The Zabola Estate.

Prices and availability:
* Bear watching: 60 EUR/ pers. including a donation to the Roy-Chowdhury Foundation for the upkeep of Conservation Transylvania.
* Prices include guiding, on field transportation with 4X4 vehicle, after bear watch drinks and technical backup if necessary.

Please make a reservation to ensure your place at the safari.  

Please note, that choosing this program, you will take your share preserving a wonderful piece of Carpathian forest.