Ever thought about how the nature of our forefathers looked like? Flash a glance of trees measuring 1 meter over and stretch your leg in a never seen surrounding.

Our devoted Rangers will give you the opportunity to discover an exceptional place in the Heart of Transylvania; touch beech and pine from the age of Galileo or Benjamin Franklin (300-400 years old) and get acquainted with the story of a Virgin Forest.

Throughout the program you will leave from the Dobrica Hunting Lodge towards the Sólyom Creek and enter the valley from the Southern side and do a round-hike on the ridge. Besides the huge trees don’t miss the tiny pleasures of an undisturbed environment (flowers, dead trunk formations, mushrooms, game tracks, moss carpets and many more).

While strolling in the ancient forest, not to get bored our rangers will tell you about indigenous Transylvanian flora and fauna which can be an amazing unconventional learning opportunity also for children about wild animal behaviour and the importance of environment.

Transfer to the “gate” will be made by 4X4 vehicles.  The program includes grilled or cooked lunch on open fire.

* Clothing and footgear: Depending on the time of the year outside temperature varies between -170C and +350C. Always wear several layers of moister resistant clothing and boots to avoid duff getting into your socks.
* Length of trip: 6 hours
* Minimum size of group: 4 pers.
* Prices and availability: 50EUR/pers including a donation to the Roy-Chowdhury Foundation for the upkeep of Conservation Transylvania. Prices include guiding, catering and technical backup if necessary.
* Accommodation: Programs can be complemented with amazing accommodation and phenomenal traditional food at the Dobrica Hunting Lodge or The Zabola Estate.

Please make a reservation at least 2 days prior to your arrival.

Please note, that choosing this program, you will take your share preserving the last bits of fairy-tale like, ancient nature.